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Hacienda #30

Hacienda 30 is a 100% Mexican company born from a vision:


“To globalize an artisanal product through the  industrialization of the ancestral formula, reaching the highest standards in global hygiene and process quality. .”


Our formula has been perfected by the addition of  organic “nopal” (prickly pear), which provides consumers with a more flexible, resistant, and nutritional Tortilla; all without the loss of its exceptional taste.


With our formula, we have managed to transform the Tortilla  from  “ a common and simple product¨ to that of a ¨common but NOT simple product¨.




Our raw material: corn



Our main raw material: Maíz (corn), has the following certifications:

  • AIB International Consolidated Standards for Prerequisites and Food Safety


  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 9001:2008


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